Urban Explorations

„We dare to interpret peace in any manner of sounds, stimulating exchange in multitudes of touch, inviting freedom. We hear peace,and now we colour peace.“ – Kefa Oiro


The Nairobi Festival for Performance and Media Arts offered the possibility for an »Urban Exploration«. And the possibility for the creation of the music and dance performance »What is love?«.

»What are my circumstances?«, »What is peace?«, »What is love?«,

Big topics come along with big questions. Answers are many, some of them were found during intercultural and interdisciplinary work in Nairobi.

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The project

Urban Explorations


In November 2018 the Tell Me Team realized the collaborative Project „Urban Explorations“ during the NFMPA (Nairobi Festival of Performance and Media Arts). The project is part of the ongoing collaboration between German and Kenyan artists. This years theme of NFPMA festival was „colour of peace“.

The TellMe Team gave lectures, workshops and performances and Kefa Oiro, director of the festival, filmed the events. Together with artists from Nairobi they worked on the relationship between art and the urban space, because all big questions are always connected to the human environment.

One of the biggest slums of Nairobi, Mathare, was the backdrop for short contemporary dance performances. Besides Kenyan dancers the inhabitants of Mathare participated in the performances – the urban space required new movements.

The short films and the live-choreographies were then presented as a dialogue at the Goethe Theater of Nairobi. A big audience witnessed the contrast between the black box situation of a theater and the bubbling urban space.


André Jolles, Artistic Director, Choreography (Germany)

Lucia Lehmann, Editor, Photos (Germany)

Kefa Oiro, Festival Director, Filming (Kenya)

Gavin Oswago, Assistance, Photos (Kenya)


Mercy Kamoni, Dancer (Kenya)

Margeret Achieng, Dancer (Kenya)

Robert Owiti, Dancer (Kenya)

Kamau, Dancer (Kenya)

Vincent Owoko, Dancer (Kenya)

Merica Wasonga, Dancer (Kenya)

Paul Mbugua, Dancer (Kenya)

Ruth Mbugua, Dancer (Kenya)