Everybody has a story to tell! – Entering lifeworlds of Kenya, Germany and Tanzania.


What do Deborah L. from Cologne and William G. from Nairobi, parted by 6456 km as the crow flies, have in common?

Practically nothing. Or do they?

Both have composed a personal story about their own background. Using images, film sequences and their voices, they have transposed their experiences into short videos.

The videos

Have a look at three of the videos that have been created in the project.

Watch all videos of the project here!


In 2015 workshops were held by a team of East African and European artists and coaches in Cologne, Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam. They developed different ways of storytelling. Personal views and contributions of each individual as well as an artistic approach formed the basis for intense interaction and diverse and provoking stories.

These stories were developed during various encounters with the help of the method “Digital Storytelling”. All stories are short, realistic and non-fictional. Individual and personal, they are telling about our diverse lives.




André Jolles: Artistic Director, Personal Storytelling Coach, and Concept (Germany)
Kefa Oiro: Artistic Director, Personal Storytelling Coach, and Concept (Kenya)
David Owino: Script Writing Coach (Kenya)
Juma Majanga : Editing Coach (Kenya)
Tessa Knapp: Editing Coach (Germany)
Neema Bagamuhunda: Local Project Director (Kenya)
George Kamau: Project Manager (Kenya)



Beth Mwangi: Performing Artist, Dancer/Actress (Kenya)
Elizabeth Akinyi: Schools Teacher (Kenya)
Garvin Oswago: Student (Kenya)
Grace Ogodo: Social Worker (Kenya)
Ibrahim Kipkorir: Journalist/Poetry/Hip Hop (Kenya)
Nelius Muthoni: Dancer (Kenya)
Sam Achola: Web Developer (Kenya)
Simon Opondo: Web Developer (Kenya)
Squich Musau: Actor/Writer/Dancer (Kenya)
Thomas Kimeu: IT Consultant (Kenya)
William Gachigo: Web Developer (Kenya)
Zacharia Ochola Baraza: Sports Administrator (Kenya)




André Jolles: Artistic Director, Personal Storytelling Coach, Concept (Germany)
Kefa Oiro: Artistic Director, Personal Storytelling Coach, Concept (Kenya)
Lisette Reuter: Digital Storytelling Coach (Germany)
Frank Erler: Editing Coach, Photo and Videodocumentation (Germany)
Abdallah M: Video Editing Coach (Tanzania)
Lucia Lehmann: Assistance (Germany)
Deborah Sophia Leist: Assistance (Germany)
Massafa Muhaza: Local Project Assistant (Tanzania)



Alawi Saidi: Contemporary Dance (Tanzania)
Asha Mussa: Contemporary Dancer (Tanzania)
Flora Chalya: Painter (Tanzania)
Iren Themistocles: Contemporary Dancer (Tanzania)
John Suleiman: Contemporary Dancer (Tanzania)
Kelvin Chando: Administrator (Tanzania)
Mussa Sango: Producer, Cultural Manager (Tanzania)
Nathan Mpangala: Producer, Painter (Tanzania)
Nicholas Kimaro: Producer (Tanzania)
Paul Ndunguru: Painter (Tanzania)
Robert Mwampembwa: Producer, Painter (Tanzania)
Salumu Kabassa: Contemporary Dancer (Tanzania)
Samwel Japhet: Contemporary Dancer (Tanzania)




Costas Lamproulis: Digital Storytelling Coach (Greece)
Lisette Reuter: Digital Storytelling Coach (Germany)
André Jolles: Artistic Director, Project Management (Germany)
Tessa Knapp: Editing Coach (Germany)



Annika Bendel, Dancer (Germany)
Deborah Sophia Leist, Dancer (Germany)
Lisa Freudenthal, Dancer (Germany)
Lucia Lehmann, Editor, Ethnologist (Germany)
Mia Sophia Bilitza, Dancer, Cultural Manager (Germany)
Ruben Reniers, Dancer (Germany)
Sarah Boeckers, Dancer (Germany)


Have a look at some photos of the project!


NFPMA- Kenya
MuDA-Africa Tansania
Mechtild Tellmann – Kulturmanagement