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We are living in a diverse world – different experiences, views, languages, habits… the list has no end.

What happens when extremely different people meet and create?

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Exchange your worldviews, habits and knowledge!

That was the theme of a creative residence project taking place in 2015 in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Eight Tanzanian artists met four artists from Germany creating performances together based on their individual life experiences. The encounter was an intense reflection of their personal backgrounds as well as a meeting, engagement and sharing of different artforms.

The results were performances that took place in the urban space of Bagamoyo, a place which also represents an intense history: It had been a centre for the slave trade and the headquarter for the German colonisers of East Africa. Working together in this historically charged environment the performers scrutinized their own history and culture.

Cultural diversity is an asset for humanity.



André Jolles: Artistic Director, Personal Storytelling Coach, and Concept (Germany)
Kefa Oiro: Artistic Director, Editing Coach, and Concept (Kenya)
Lisette Reuter: Concept, Project Consulting, and Coach (Germany)
Frank Erler: Editing Coach, Photo and Videodocumentation
Robert Ngoroma: Dance Coach (Tanzania)
Lucia Lehmann: Assistance and Anthropological Research (Germany)
Abdallah Mohamed: Video Editing Coach (Tanzania)
Massafa Muhaza: Local Project Assistant (Tanzania)




Abdallah Seifu (Duu Top): Musician (Tanzania)
Antony Padyuma: Painting, african traditional Dancer, handcraft making drum (Tanzania)
Britenia Richard: African Traditional Dancer, Singer (Tanzania)
Deborah Sophia Leist: Dancer (Germany)
Elias Lawrence: Drama, African Traditional Dancer (Tanzania)
Imelda George: African Traditional Dancer (Tanzania)
John Gambula: african traditional Dancer, Drama, handcraft making hang (Tanzania)
Juma Mohamed (Dry Face): African Traditional Dancer (Tanzania)
Leah Ndahani: Singer, Kalimba, African Traditional Dancer (Tanzania)
Lisa Freudenthal: Dancer, Choreographer (Germany)
Mia Sophie Bilitza: Dancer, Choreographer, Cultural Manager (Germany)
Mudi : African Traditional Dancer, Percussion (Tanzania)
Peter Aloys: Musician, Handcraft Making Instrument (Tanzania)
Ruben Reniers: Dancer, Choreographer (Germany)


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